"Ah, to be young again" -or- Mail call (pt. 4 of 8)

"Ah, to be young again" -or- Mail call (pt. 4 of 8)Today I am so glad that I’m doing this comic strip, and not my former “Continuity and Vine” strip, where I would have been tempted (obliged?) to make a snide comment about “Jon and Kate Plus 8”. Instead, I get to draw a talking puppy! Hope it makes you as happy as it does me!


10 thoughts on “"Ah, to be young again" -or- Mail call (pt. 4 of 8)

  1. First off, Dale, you can draw a cute puppy dog and still make a snide remark about Jon and Kate! I know I wouldn’t hold it againist you!

    And Watusi is such a cute, little puppy! Will there be more Li’l Watusi adventures in the near future? And who actually looked after the little guy in those early days?

    Looking forward to seeing what happens next!


    1. Part of the problem with doing topical work (such as a JAK+8 cartoon) is that it pretty quickly feels dated … unlike the timeless classics that are these talking dog comics!

      And there’ll be more Li’l Watusi in the next couple of strips, at least …


    1. This won’t be an origin story per se … just a quick flashback. The origin is coming up in another project I need to move off of the back burner…


    1. Here he is – hopefully in a more easily accessible form than the print comics have been of late! Kel has some great comics of his own here; I especially get a kick out of his “adults only” section.


    1. Thanks for checking out the strip – Watusi’s not planning a trip into Big City any time soon, but when he does I’ll be sure he stops by Frank’s cart again!


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