“Some good luck?” -or- The trouble with travels (pt. 1 of 10)

strip012Looks like our hero hound may have found his ticket to fame and fortune. Or to Isla Esmerelda, at any rate…


4 Comments to ““Some good luck?” -or- The trouble with travels (pt. 1 of 10)”

  1. Emmett sure changed his tune pretty fast. I smell a subplot brewing!


    • Well it’s one thing if all Watusi wanted was a ride to Big City. Isla Esmerelda, on the other hand, most have an entirely different kind of allure…


  2. Great art work!


    • Thanks for checkin’ the strip out! I’ve been happy with the drawings on the last couple of strips especially. Getting Polly’s face the right shape was a little hard; hopefully Emmett’s will be easier for me to keep in line!


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