“Back on track to Isla Esmerelda” -or- The trouble with travels (pt. 4 of 10)


“Back on track to Isla Esmerelda” -or- The trouble with travels (pt. 4 of 10)“Just a few minutes” Watusi says… find out how accurate that description is next week!


8 thoughts on ““Back on track to Isla Esmerelda” -or- The trouble with travels (pt. 4 of 10)

    1. Thanks for stopping by to check out the strip! (by the way, Monte’s strip, P.I.G. Tales, can be found among the webcomic links on the right. His enthusiasm for the possibilities of webcomics was one of the things that finally got me to produce work online. Thanks, Monte!)


    1. Thanks! Sometimes I feel like I get things a little too busy, but it was a fun way to segue from storytelling back into the present.


  1. Good job. But I do have a little problem with the first panel and the action on the left having the same line weights as Emmett and Watusi. It would have worked better for me if they were a little more bolder than the action cloud. Otherwise everything else is very good. Since this is an on-line comic, have you thought about adding color or some grays?


    1. Thanks for the comments. I thought things were getting a little busy there, too, especially down by Emmett’s elbow. While this is an online comic, I don’t have any plans to tweak the look of the comic too much. These strips will be collected in the regular Watusi comic (when the whole thing closer to the end, of course), so I’m going to stick with the “coloring book” style that has served the print comic so well. Of course, if I get ahead on my deadlines, I might throw some color into it from time to time…


    1. What can I say – the Gyronauts were mighty philanthropic … and Emmett happens to be a very skilled mechanic…


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