“Into the wild blue yonder” -or- The trouble with travels (pt. 10 of 10)

strip021Looks like Watusi and Emmett are finally putting Wonder Valley behind them! Time for the real adventure to begin…

8 Comments to ““Into the wild blue yonder” -or- The trouble with travels (pt. 10 of 10)”

  1. Watusi has lost his saddlebags again! I’m sure he needs them for an important future plot point…


    • This time they aren’t missing – Watusi just stashed them on his seat while Emmett worked on the engine! Not sure how “important” it will be, but I do have plans for those bags…


  2. “Up, up and away…”

    Gulp! This is progressing well, Dale!


    • Thanks! With this episode I’ve used up my scripted strips, so it’s time to turn my plot notes into a new batch of scripts (then into strips, of course)!


  3. This dog has flown!

    Great work Dale!


  4. Dale,
    This story is really good. It’s got good pacing. and it’s funny as hell! I look forward to watching where this goes.



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