“What Watusi didn’t know” -or- The Road to Isla Esmerelda (pt. 4 of 12)

strip025While our intrepid air travelers continue on their way towards Isla Esmerelda, I’ve been busy at the drawing table completing the latest (and long overdue) Watusi digest comic!

Issue #27 features a full-issue tale, with character cameos by Shadowspark, Phantos, Suprawoman, W-Tusi, and Professor Harvey & Mitchell; artwork cameo by Robert Upton; and it’s all topped off by a jam comic featuring the art of Tom Cherry and Rusty Mathis!  I think it’s a pretty good issue and, together with this webcomic, is moving me more into full-length stories developing Watusi and cast a bit more than I’ve been able to do in the past. You can find copies at Astrokitty Comics & More in Lawrence, at my table at the Comic Book I-Con on November 7th, or by getting in touch with me directly.wat27etsy

[August 2015 UPDATE: a .pdf version of this issue is also available in my online store!]

In addition to finishing my own comic, I recently had the chance to finish a book I discovered at my public library, one of the most fun comics I’ve read in some time: The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook by Eleanor Davis (Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books). She tells a great kid-friendly (and adult-entertaining) adventure, packing her pages with a nearly Chris Ware density of details … only with drawings that are lively and characters that are fun to be around. I highly recommend it!

So, any good reading you’d recommend? …

4 Comments to ““What Watusi didn’t know” -or- The Road to Isla Esmerelda (pt. 4 of 12)”

  1. New Watusi strip and a new Watusi comic book? A very good Wednesday morning!


  2. Wow! Three cliffhangers! I can’t wait to see how all three of these stories play out. Very creative! Congrats on the new Watusi print comic. Looking forward to it!


    • Hope the three ongoing storyines don’t wear out their welcome! They’ll read in a much more logical way when they appear in print, but I hope you webcomic readers will enjoy them, too – they’ll just be here for a few weeks longer, then they’ll merge back into one!


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