“Comin’ through!” -or- The Road to Isla Esmerelda (pt. 6 of 12)


A big hello to everyone who visited with me at the past weekend’s Comic Book I-Con (and to you returning readers, as well) – thanks for checking out my strip! I had a great time at the show; all the staff were super-friendly and made me feel like a superstar! Thanks to Mike Sullivan, Bobby Bierly, Bill Hook, the 501st Legion, and the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man for keeping things lively at our end of the hall!

5 Comments to ““Comin’ through!” -or- The Road to Isla Esmerelda (pt. 6 of 12)”

  1. Glad to hear your Con experience went swell! Always nice to spend my early Wednesday mornings with Watusi!


  2. Yay. My first Watusi-mail! Thanks for the shout-out, Dale. Hope to do it again real soon. If it weren’t for you, Mike, and Bill I would’ve been totally lost!


    • You may not have been plugging away at this comic thing as long as I have, but you’re already making huge strides. Yellow is off to a really solid start!


  3. Hey Dale! You are a superstar! Especially if you got to hang out w/Spidey! Glad you had fun at the show. I feel sorry for the guy on the ground in today’s strip. Yelling ‘YEE-HAW!’ at the top of your lungs is probably not the best way to instill confidence in someone who’s delicate aircraft you just borrowed! Another great strip!


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