“There’s A Moon In The Sky (Called The Moon)” -or- The Road to Isla Esmerelda (pt. 9 of 12)

Thanks for sticking along on the ride – Isla Esmerelda is almost here (or rather they’re almost there)!


10 thoughts on ““There’s A Moon In The Sky (Called The Moon)” -or- The Road to Isla Esmerelda (pt. 9 of 12)

  1. Hey Dale! Another beautiful night shot! Love the moon! & the Watusi flashback was especially funny this week! I also liked the breakfast cereal reference! I feel like I’m cheating reading this already when I haven’t been to bed yet, but I guess it is officially Wednesday! Can’t wait to see what happens once they arrive in Isla Esmerelda. Great job! -Brien


    1. No problem – it was a pleasant surprise to see how many people read the strip early in the day. Makes staying up to get it posted worth it!


    1. Thanks, tho sometimes it’s hard to remember to draw him as a puppy, especially when all you see is his ears and head. So far, I haven’t had to white out any whiskers, tho!


  2. I guess this means that there will be (at least) a third night panel…while Emmett and Watusi solve immediate problems in their flashbacks? Three night panels in a row? That’s got to be a cartoonist’s challenge!


    1. There’s no night panel, because the story Emmett is telling takes place during the daylight. Guess my storytelling failed ya there – hopefully it will read better in the side-by-side print format.

      It’s been kind of a challenge to not think in spreads and turns of pages, but hopefully each strip still has some sort of payoff for the online reader as well.


  3. It’s wild how you are juggling three stories at once! I agree with Dano, it’s a challenge but you’re handling it so well. And Tom Cherry is right, Watusi as a puppy IS cute!


    1. Glad the three-part storytelling hasn’t lost anyone. It looks like I’ll even be able to resolve them in the same amount of time!


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