“The break of dawn” -or- The Road to Isla Esmerelda (pt. 10 of 12)

Hope you’re all staying warm today – the snow coming down outside of my studio makes me want to go on vacation to Isla Esmerelda … or better yet, a real Caribbean island!


5 thoughts on ““The break of dawn” -or- The Road to Isla Esmerelda (pt. 10 of 12)

  1. Anyplace warm would be nice today! 15″ of snow in the last 20 hours – if we top 17″ in 24 hours we’ll break a record that has stood for over a century – since 1888. With offices closed, the best thing to do is curl up with a good comic (or stack of comics). Next best, curl up with a nice warm computer monitor and read the new Watusi electronic comic. The story is coming along nicely, and I do like that I can easily scroll down to read several recent installments to help refresh my memory.


    1. Thanks – good to know, since I toy with the idea of only showing one episode per page. Hope you’ve been able to keep power through all this blizzard; it’s great to be snowed-in from work, as long as I’ve got heat and light.


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