“Trinkets & souvenirs” -or- Watusi’s island adventure (part 4 of 15)

Let’s hope Watusi isn’t so easily distracted he misses his appointment!

5 Comments to ““Trinkets & souvenirs” -or- Watusi’s island adventure (part 4 of 15)”

  1. Is it me or is Watusi giving the eye to those two lady tourist-types in panel one? Maybe he should be renamed “Watusi the Talking Wolf”!


  2. Ha! I hadn’t noticed, but he does look a little lecherous, doesn’t he? I’ll see if I can fix that up for the print edition…


  3. No need to fix it, Dale! Every dog has his day! 😉


  4. I agree – no need to change that. Some people will see what Tom saw in the scene, and others won’t.


    • Yeah, I wanted to add some incidental figures to show this was also a tourist hotspot (and to make up for the fact that my previous bystanders were nearly all men). Probably should have moved the ladies a little closer to the foreground, so that it didn’t look like Watusi was staring right at them!


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