“Three bequests” -or- Watusi’s island adventure (part 8 of 15)

Looks like it may be a quick meeting – stay tuned!


9 Comments to ““Three bequests” -or- Watusi’s island adventure (part 8 of 15)”

  1. I like Rodrigo’s design. Just one look at him and you know he’s a slime bucket! I like his body language in the fourth panel, looking down on our pal Watusi!


    • Well, maybe the next installment will make you feel a little different about Rodrigo’s situation. Not that he’ll be any less slimy, of course…


  2. Oh Man! The suspense is killing me! What’s Watusi’s share? Whatever it is, I’ll bet there’s danger in store for him 😦


  3. Quite exciting! Rodrigo is a slime. heehee


  4. Will Watusi’s share fit in his saddlebags? Oh, the suspense!


    • As tempting as it is to say, I’m going to keep quiet for now. Don’t worry, though – you’ll find out in just a couple of weeks!


  5. You just know that the slimy Rodrigo will get probably more than he desrves yet less than he wants. The suspense will be how will he try to trick or swindle Watusi out of his share.


    • “More than he deserves yet less than he wants” – what a perfect description! Tho actually, I think Rodrigo will get exactly what he deserves … as we’ll find out in the very next strip!


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