“Tough love” -or- Watusi’s island adventure (part 9 of 15)

Hope he doesn’t spend it all in one place!

9 Comments to ““Tough love” -or- Watusi’s island adventure (part 9 of 15)”

  1. I was expecting Rodrigo to get a lot less than twenty dollars!


    • Well, I guess Senor Diaz figured that was a nice round number. And, after all, that was his own ticket to success…


  2. Wow. The old man didn’t allow for inflation. That’s coooold.


  3. D’oh! You’d think he’d at least get enough to cover his plane ticket. Then again, I somehow doubt he deserves even that much.


    • Guess I didn’t really explain it in the strip, but I always thought of Rodrigo as an Isla Esmerelda resident. He, of course, thought of himself as entitled celebrity-royalty (like a male Paris Hilton)…


  4. Seems fitting, and less predictable than giving $0. Sounds kind of like what Uncle Scrooge would do to Donald.


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