“Liquid assets” -or- Watusi’s island adventure (part 10 of 15)


Thanks for all the comments on last week’s bequests – I appreciate your engaged readership!


12 thoughts on ““Liquid assets” -or- Watusi’s island adventure (part 10 of 15)

  1. Wow! It doesn’t sound like there is much left for Watusi, but I’m hoping it will be something extra cool. Thanks for the great read every week Dale! I always look forward to it!


  2. Well, it’s gotta be SOMETHING that the knife-wielding guy from episodes 2-3 and also the shop-keeper guy from episodes 4-5 would want, unless they were working for Rodrigo or just trying to prevent Watusi’s arrival out of basic scoundrel-ness. Maybe it’s a whole bunch of bones – like a full dinosaur skeleton. (Wasn’t there a 4-panel Jam strim that started with a skeleton?)


  3. Another possibility just popped into my head. Perhaps the title “liquid assets” is more literal than I had thought. Perhaps Watusi will inherit a dinosaur graveyard – these days known as a reservoir of oil. And perhaps that dinosaur skeleton from the earlier 4-panel jam strip was actually found there and donated to the museum by Watusi.


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