“A family resemblance” -or- Emmett’s island adventure (part 4 of 5)

Believe it or not, this strip marks the start of the second year of this little project o’ mine! Thanks to all of you for following along and giving me your feedback. It’s much appreciated!


8 Comments to ““A family resemblance” -or- Emmett’s island adventure (part 4 of 5)”

  1. wow– beginning two years? Excellent! Congratulations,
    Matt L.


  2. Well, it looks lke Hector saved Emmett’s day, but then again he does seem like the heroic type.

    Happy anniversary, Dale!


    • Hector is the last character to be introduced for this storyline, so all the pieces are in place now to lead toward the thrilling conclusion! (Not to worry, tho; there’s still lots of ground to cover. I’m not exactly sure, but I figure we’ve passed the half way point.)


  3. Hold the coffee, indeed! Good strip, Dale. It looks like things are turning around for Emmett…at least for now. Maybe there’s trouble brewin’ Speaking of which, I wonder how Watusi’s doing. Congrats on the first year! It’s been fun.


  4. Wow! Has it been a whole year already? Time flies when you’re having fun & I have certainly been having a blast reading this strip! Congrats on the milestone!


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