“Lemme tell ya about it…” -or- Emmett’s island adventure (part 5 of 5)

strip054Want to hear more of Emmet’s story? Check back  to this strip if you need a reminder!

Hey, for those of you in the Topeka/Lawrence/KC area (or further afield, if you feel like a road trip), come visit me at this Saturday’s Free State FreeCon! I’ll mostly be talking up this strip to unsuspecting conventioneers, but I’ll also have a variety of digest comics for purchase. Sadly, I haven’t finished a new issue for the show, but I do have two comics that have never been shown at KC area conventions. It’s a fun show, and you can’t beat the price!

Finally, as a special bonus for reading to the end of this post, if you visit me at the show and tell me how this week’s strip ended, I’ll do a sketch of your favorite character … preferably one of mine, but if not, bring reference!


3 thoughts on ““Lemme tell ya about it…” -or- Emmett’s island adventure (part 5 of 5)

  1. Look out Watusi!!! There’s a big truck right behind you! Oh wait, I keep forgetting comic strip characters can’t hear me. Right Bumstead? Bumstead?
    Keep up the great work Dale & have fun at the show!


    1. Ha! That comment almost makes me wish I was doing this as a jam strip!

      My actual plotting will just have to make up for it, I guess…


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