“Target sighted!” -or- Plans in motion (part 3 of 8)

Well, this can’t be good…


7 thoughts on ““Target sighted!” -or- Plans in motion (part 3 of 8)

    1. Thanks, guys – I wasn’t sure how all the black elements (car tires, Rodgrigo’s hair) would play against the dark street, but I guess it worked out okay …


  1. This story is going at a good pace. I’ll go with the others on the third panel, Dale. I have in the past used you as a reference for street backgrounds.


    1. Wow – I had no idea!! Glad to be of service!

      Also glad to hear that the story is still moving along well for you, even if it’s just in bite-sized amounts. More action is right around the corner …


  2. Great strip this week. The story is moving along well. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. I love how you draw Watusi. He’s just cool. BTW I added a link to your strip on my website. FYI

    Keep is up Dale!



    1. Thanks – all the story pieces I’ve planted so far should start to come together now (albeit at the slow weekly pace), as Emmett’s threads begin to reweave with Watusi’s…

      Watusi is a fun – and easy – character to draw; I haven’t lost affection for him after nearly 10 years!

      And if you haven’t checked out Monte’s strip P.I.G. Tales lately, now is a good time to jump on board. He’s just finished a long story sequence and is doing some short character (re)introductions right now.


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