“Sneaky as a snake” -or- Plans in motion (part 4 of 8)

Look out, Watusi — I bet he’s up to something!!

While I’ve got you here I wanted to take a moment to plug a recent book edited by friend and Watusi jam comic contributor Matt Dembicki. It’s a wonderful anthology of Native American trickster tales, told in comic form by Native storytellers and indy cartoonists called, appropriately enough, Trickster : Native American Tales : a graphic collection. If you missed his recent interview on NPR (as I did), you can check it out along with samples from the book in their archives.


4 Comments to ““Sneaky as a snake” -or- Plans in motion (part 4 of 8)”

  1. I see Rodrigo is playing the “Kill them with kindness” card. What a stinker!


  2. That slippery Rodrigo sure plays it up well! I hope Watusi is bright enough to see through the act!

    Hey Dale, great expressions on Rodrigo’s face in panels 3 & 4.


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