“Wrong answer!” -or- Plans in motion (part 5 of 8)

Guess Rodrigo’s done playing nice. Or as nice as he can be, at any rate!

And, yes, Watusi really is a lawyer, becoming one in my previous attempt at a Watusi comic strip…

I tried to write that strip as a type of jam comic, which led to (as jams tend to) a story that didn’t make a whole lot of sense.  The strips ran in a variety of venues (this one appeared in APA-5 #353, May 2004), and while the entire story is still uncollected, I intend to feature it in an upcoming issue of the Watusi comic book. Of course, I need to deal with the cliffhanger that ended issue #27 first…

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8 Comments to ““Wrong answer!” -or- Plans in motion (part 5 of 8)”

  1. Rodrigo hates lawyers? Maybe he’s not that bad after all! 😉


  2. Isn’t that something…? It looks like Watusi has put on a little weight since those days too.


    • I guess I have been drawing Watusi rounder and cuter as time’s gone on, even without doing so consciously. He was certainly much ganglier in the early days…


  3. Great strip Dale! I’m kinda hoping that big guy takes his hat off & it’s Jimmy Valiant underneath! -One Track Mind Brien


    • Well, I am rethinking the big guy’s place in all of this … but I think I’ll leave chronicling the adventures of Jimmy Valiant to you (and the man himself, of course)!


  4. Now that Watusi is a lawyer, I kind of want Rodrigo to win. 😉


    • Well, I guess my canine protagonist has a dark side to him after all! Who knew I could write such a multifaceted character…


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