“From bad to worse” -or- Plans in motion (part 6 of 8)

Sorry I didn’t warn you last time … but things are about to get ugly for Watusi. Brace yourselves!


8 thoughts on ““From bad to worse” -or- Plans in motion (part 6 of 8)

  1. Your mine is not yours, it’s all mine!
    Wait, did I say that right?

    I’m hoping Emmett or someone will come to Watusi’s rescue, but the way he is baring his teeth in that last panel he may just rescue himself! Can’t wait to find out!


    1. Wasn’t sure whether to emphasize “NOT your mine” or “not YOUR mine” … this option kinda makes Watusi sound a little greedy, doesn’t it?


      1. Maybe in this single-strip context. But maybe Watusi has some benevolent plans for it down the line that might change the context – like to use the proceeds to fund a no-kill animal shelter on Isla Esmerelda, or to improve the lives of the miners who actually work in the mine.


        1. Thanks for helping me keep the bigger picture in perspective here. Plus, the way he said it is technically true…


  2. Panel two DOES stand out, but there seems something odd about it. It took a bit, but I think the way you used the bold panel outline didn’t quite work. I can understand you not doing it to the entire panel, wanting to emphasize the action, not the character, but I think the bold part would have been better done slightly smaller. Not thinner, but smaller, bringing the outer edges of it away from the “official” edge of the panel. This would have added to the emphasis of action, but without the feeling that it should match the rest of the borders.


    1. Thanks for the specific comments – I plan to tweak some of these panels when I put them into the print incarnation, and your suggestion would be easy enough to try. While this same-size grid works well for this project, I do find it hard to break out of, and that could be an easy way to get some variety in the panel shape.


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