“Ooooooh … spoooooky …” -or- Plans in motion (part 7 of 8)

Well at least it seems like Emmett is enjoying his trip!


4 Comments to ““Ooooooh … spoooooky …” -or- Plans in motion (part 7 of 8)”

  1. He’ll need more then mere haunted jewels to stop Rodrigo. Maybe a stun gun would help. 😀


    • You might be right – he’s really on a roll!

      But I do kind of find myself interested in the story of the haunted jewel! I suspect it will serve me better as a legend rather than revealing it in detail, tho. Maybe someday …


  2. I love Emmett. Love him.


    • He’s really grown on me over this last year, too! I’ve always thought of him as my Rick Jones – a supporting character for everyone and anyone, but never a headliner. Didn’t really think he’d make such a good partner for a talking dog, tho; I’ve been pleasantly surprised!


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