“Well that explains a lot!” -or- The search for Watusi (part 5 of 8)

Abbott & Costello they ain’t! But at least now Hector understands why Emmett’s friend was carrying around a bone …

12 Comments to ““Well that explains a lot!” -or- The search for Watusi (part 5 of 8)”

  1. Nice! That does explain a lot! Can’t wait to find out what happens next. I bet they call in the National Guard.


  2. Ah! That does explain the strip a couple weeks back! I should have known Emmett didn’t tell Hector about Watusi’s species!
    And wouldn’t it be a nice twist if Watusi did have a last name, but was too ashamed of it to tell anyone?


    • That’s a great idea! Maybe it can only be pronounced in “dog”, so anyone he tells it to just thinks he’s barking at them …


  3. Good strip, Dale! That does explain things a bit. But, will Hector still be willing to help hunt for a mere dog? Not sure he knows how important Watusi is to this strip!


  4. I love how he reacts to the news that Watusi is a dog.


  5. And it sounds like maybe the good doctor Gutierrez already knows Watusi, based on her reaction through the phone in the last panel. I wonder where she and Watusi may have met before?


  6. I, too, wondered what the Inspector thought was signifigant about a bone. Had me rereading past episodes to see if I had missed something!


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