“Time to hit the road” -or- The search for Watusi (part 8 of 8)

Time to get out of the city and see what other mysteries Isla Esmerelda holds!

6 Comments to ““Time to hit the road” -or- The search for Watusi (part 8 of 8)”

  1. Wow! The Force is looking for Watusi too?! That is so cool! Hopefully Mia & the gang can do their part to… oh, wait. Wrong Force. Sorry. Enjoyed the strip!


    • Well, no, not that Force. Although I do have an idea for a MagnetMan/Watusi crossover that I’d like to pitch your way after I finish this year’s Doghouse Funhouse…


  2. If the Master is especially evil, he can toss Watusi into a pit filled to the brim with hungry fleas. 😉


    • That’s a great idea – I appreciate all your feedback on this strip! I guess I should work some sort of inescapable death trap into the strip before it’s over…


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