“A revelation” -or- Into the depths (part 5 of 13)

Oh, it’s just an archaeological dig! Maybe Watusi has the wrong idea about the Master and his friends…

10 Comments to ““A revelation” -or- Into the depths (part 5 of 13)”

  1. Wrong idea? I don’t think so! Just dig that sinister smile on Rodrigio’s kisser!


  2. I sure hope Watusi doesn’t trust that guy! It’s obvious he’s nothing but a snake! Hey Dale, any chance we will see some of your other characters make cameo appearances in this strip. I’d love to see Rocket Rockne show up & ask to borrow some sugar or something like that.


    • Don’t expect Rocket to come to Watusi’s rescue any time soon, but I do intend to work some other characters into the strip once Watusi gets home. It might be a while before he gets to Big City, though…


  3. VERY cool monument/statue!!


    • Thanks; I actually didn’t just go with my first drawing of it, and I think it paid off – I was pretty happy with how it turned out!


  4. I notice the statue has a forked tongue – a trait likely shared by Rodrigo and the Master, so I hope Watusi doesn’t get fooled into trusting them. After all, when’s the last time anything good came from a surreptitious archeological dig?


    • Well, there was the Indiana Jones and the… no. There was the Mummy… no.

      Y’know, you may be on to something there, after all!


  5. Ooooh. I’m sensing some dark magics are coming into play. Looks like the master is after more then mere emeralds as I had previously suspected.


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