“… and don’t call me Shirley!” -or- Into the depths (part 6 of 13)

Goodness, that’s some rough treatment! Unfortunately, I’m afraid there’s only more to come…

In happier news, I’m confirmed on the guest list for next month’s Comic Book I-Con (Nov. 13th in Altoona, Iowa)! While I’m sill in the process of finishing up this year’s long-delayed new Doghouse Funhouse issue, it should be available at the show. Of course, the long time between issues of my digest comics has got me bemoaning the fact that, while I’ve enjoyed this weekly webcomic project, I’ve also missed putting out new print comics. If you’ve missed reading them, too, might I suggest you give Tim Corrigan’s Comics & Stories a try:

I find these to be really entertaining comics — while most issues have featured Tim’s Mightyguy character, others have featured the Kirby-esque adventures of Tyran, and collaborations with Larned Justin, Larry Blake, and others.

Most impressively, from my perspective, is the way that Tim’s accomplished the admirable feat of producing a new comic every month for over four years! And he makes them available by subscription, too, so I can enjoy the pleasure (and convenience) of receiving a new issue in my mailbox every month! Check ’em out … and tell Tim Dale sent you his way!


10 Comments to ““… and don’t call me Shirley!” -or- Into the depths (part 6 of 13)”

  1. The plot thickens…

    Great job on this one. I can’t wait to go back and read the whole arc in one sitting.

    In other news, glad to hear about I-Con. Hopefully we’ll have some time to hang out like that time. Neither Steve nor Bill will be going, sadly. But I think Mike is going.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing Ryan Dow of Introspective Comics. I bought some stuff from him last year and have had fun corresponding with him on his blog since then. (www.ryandow.com/ic)

    Can’t wait to see some of your latest stuff, Dale. Hope you can make it to my release party Nov 5th, but I understand if not. Take care!


    • Glad you’re enjoying the thickening plot; I’m sure enjoying the writing of it!

      Still planning to make it to your opening – should be a multi-media blast!


  2. Watusi’s right. That guy is a nutjob! He wears some really cool threads, though!


  3. Another great job Dale! The Master really does have a cool costume! I’d love to dress up like him for Halloween, but I wouldn’t want to have to shave my beard. I guess I can just put on a suit & go as Mr. Sanchez!
    Keep up the excellent strip! It rocks!


  4. Boy, that Master fella is a wacky piece of work! I am looking forward to finding out what exactly he is trying to do – I mean, there has to be a REASON that he wants to restore those all-seeing eyes of the Serpent Society. (Maybe those eyes give you X-ray vision?)

    Also, glad to hear that you’ll be at I-Con! I look forward to seeing you there.


  5. I-Con should be a good time – I’m really looking forward to it, too!


  6. I’m really liking the master. He’s well motivated. 😀


    • And fun to draw, too! – having a character wearing black makes a nice visual contrast with the lighter characters in the strip…


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