“Shaken, not stirred” -or- Into the depths (part 7 of 13)

Hmmm… I’m starting to think these guys might have a thing for snakes…


6 Comments to ““Shaken, not stirred” -or- Into the depths (part 7 of 13)”

  1. Oh no! Not the Serpent Pit! Hope Watusi comes out of this one okay! Can’t wait to see what happens next!


  2. Poor Watusi!!! How will he get out of this mess??


  3. Fool! That’s what Watusi gets for crossing the master! 😀


    • Glad this twist is so intriguing… and it’s all thanks to your earlier comments, Dan! It inspired me to milk the confrontation with the master a little more to amp up the danger facing Watusi!

      (Plus, it gave me a way to refer back a little bit to Emmett’s first retelling of his encounter with the Serpent Society, too!)


  4. Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?! These are exciting and fun comics!


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