“When is a detour not a detour?” -or- Into the depths (part 10 of 13)

Who knows, Emmett? They may be closer than you suspect…

A big thanks – and welcome – to all those who I met at last weekend’s Comic Book I-Con. As always, it was a good time, and I enjoyed reconnecting with not only fans, but some of the other creators there that I don’t get to see very often. Highlights include finally getting a peek at Bobby Bierley‘s retooled Yellow, chatting with Ryan Dow (and getting a copy of Jack and Zack make a comic #2), meeting The Legacy artist David Neitzke, and picking up the latest Thunderdawg! epic (it’s a doozy!) from Mike Sullivan. Best part? Getting a copy of the very first Hulk comic I ever bought – and one of the books that hooked me on comics as a medium in the first place waaaay back when – autographed by inker Ernie Chan!

Maybe next year I’ll remember to bring a camera…


10 thoughts on ““When is a detour not a detour?” -or- Into the depths (part 10 of 13)

  1. I, too, loved the “stomach issue” line.

    And thanks for the mention in your post! I hope you continue to enjoy Yellow as it unfolds even beyond the four issues I originally did. (BTW, I haven’t forgotten I still owe you a #4…)


    1. I see why you were so happy with this version – it’s a solid piece of work! I’m looking forward to how it develops over the upcoming months.


    1. I was happy with that line, too! Happier than Hector may be about his sense of duty over the next couple of episodes…


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