“Signs of struggle” -or- Into the depths (part 11 of 13)

Doesn’t seem like Hector can get a word in edgewise, can he?

10 Comments to ““Signs of struggle” -or- Into the depths (part 11 of 13)”

  1. Well, this could either be good for Watusi or bad for Emmett. Can’t wait to find out which! Happy Thanksgiving Dale!


  2. Nicely executed, Dale! Good design work! Happy Thanksgiving!


    • Thanks – this was a tough one to do, what with two cars and both figures moving around in space. But it moved the story along to the spot I wanted it at…


  3. Classic mine entrance. Love it. I hope there’s not an ACME dynamite plunger nearby.

    Happy Turkey day from me, too!


  4. I sense an Indiana Jones moment coming up. 😉


  5. Okay, confess! How many of you read the last panel and said “Don’t go in there!” out loud?


  6. Looks like Emmett is pretty focused on just one thing right now – finding Watusi. As admirable as that is, such a narrow focus does make it easier to miss some of the subtle hints that maybe there’s more going on than meets the eye!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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