“Unwelcome visitors” -or- Into the depths (part 12 of 13)

It’s about time Rodrigo was given something to do again!

12 Comments to ““Unwelcome visitors” -or- Into the depths (part 12 of 13)”

  1. Hmm. What’s up w/Hector? Can’t wait to find out! Another great installment Dale! Now where can I get one of those super cool Proximity Alarms?!


  2. Here’s hoping Emmett socks Rodrigo in the face soon!


  3. I just love how the master takes command of the situation. He’s my favorite character now. 😀


    • I’m enjoying him, too! Until I started down this road, I never would have expected such an old-school pulp villain to be a foe for Watusi … but I think it’s working out pretty well!


  4. I wonder if Hector might also know who “The Master” is? Perhaps it’s someone he’s encountered while doing undercover work, so he doesn’t want to blow his cover. Or maybe he’s not the straight arrow we’ve believed him to be.


  5. Is Hector not a real policeman?


    • Not everything may be as black and white as they first seem …

      (and, no, that doesn’t mean I’m planning a switch to a color comic any time soon!)


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