“Policia brutality” -or- Endgame (part 2 of 15)

… and, no, not everyone on Isla Esmerelda is a deputized police officer!

In fact, this revelation caught me by surprise, too! Here’s a little behind-the-scenes info on this twist: I didn’t initially think of the big guy being an undercover officer, even though I had intended Hector’s reveal to be a surprise to Emmett from the start (I gave him the same pants and shirt as the other policia we had seen). But as the story (and the Master’s schemes) grew larger, I realized that I couldn’t use my original plan for the finale. If the story just ended with a final confrontation of Watusi v. Master, Emmett v. Rodrigo, and Hector v. big guy, it would make the Sinister Serpent Society just seem like three lone cranks, not a real villainous force. So to help defeat that growing army I decided to give Emmett and Hector another set of fists on their side … and this big guy seemed like a good candidate!

For an odd coincidence, when I mentioned back in June that I was rethinking the big guy’s place in all of this” it was in response to a comment by Brien Wayne Powell … and Brien recently debuted his new twice-weekly Magnet Man webcomic called “Boogieland or Bust!” He’s just wrapping up his holiday storyline now; check it out for yourself!


10 Comments to ““Policia brutality” -or- Endgame (part 2 of 15)”

  1. Nice twist! Unlike Rodrigo’s smack in the face, I didn’t see this coming! Merry merry!


  2. Dale,
    This is a very nice start to your finale. Very well played.



  3. I didn’t see this coming, although I like it. It works for the story, and it makes sense. Somehow, though, based on the look on Emmett’s face, I don’t know if he’s as ready as Hector is to assume that the deputy is in fact an undercover good guy and not actually a dirty cop who is trying to find a way to avoid getting trapped with his fellow partners-in-crime. I guess we’ll have to wait and see which way the plot turns.


    • That wasn’t my intent with Emmett; I figure he just had a little fire in his blood left over from his “fight” with Rodrigo. He’ll get the chance to burn it off soon, tho …


  4. The plot thickens. Now for the big question. Is the under cover cop on the take, or actually doing his job?


  5. I was guessing they would turn out to be twin brothers on opposite sides of the law. Oops. Thanks for the great ride Dale! Now I can’t wait to see who The Master is! Watusi’s twin brother, maybe? Thanks so much for spreading the word about my new Boogieland or Bust! comic. It is truly appreciated! Keep up the great work!


    • Dang! That’s a great idea & would have been a good character arc for them both! Too bad it seems like the supporting cast is taking too much panel time away from the title character as it is…

      And I’m glad to spread the word about your strip! Any ongoing strip is a lot of work, and it’s my pleasure to point any readers I can your way; it’s really great to see Magnet Man back in action again!


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