“Dive right in!” -or- Endgame (part 4 of 15)


Happy new year! (And don’t worry, Watusi will get in on the action soon … )


8 Comments to ““Dive right in!” -or- Endgame (part 4 of 15)”

  1. Well, so much for the element of surprise! Although, I guess a crazy old guy w/fire in his eyes running at you yelling ‘Yee Haw’ would be pretty surprising. I’m rooting for the good guys! Great job Dale!


  2. Emmett looks like he’s turning into a superhero now!


  3. Damn the torpedoes – full speed ahead! Emmett seems to have had a colorful history – any chance there may be a flashback sequence coming up showing one or more of his previous encounters with this group? I’m getting the feeling that Emmett may be a bit of an Indiana Jones-in-his-later-years type of guy. I had the same thought during the earliest chapters of this story, during the clever split-screen story where common dialogue served as a link between the story Watusi was telling to Emmett and the story Emmett was simultaneously telling to Watusi.


    • You’re right on the money about one thing – I modeled Emmett’s jacket and satchel off of Indy’s attire! I think we’re done with flashbacks for the time being, though; too much action going on for that kind of thing. I guess you’ll just have to content yourself with Emmett’s earlier flashback.


  4. Dude,
    I like the action. Your finale is really heating up. I’m looking forward to next week!



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