“Swinging for the fences” -or- Endgame (part 6 of 15)

It’s the moment of truth!

12 Comments to ““Swinging for the fences” -or- Endgame (part 6 of 15)”

  1. Now that’s a cliffhanger! Let’s hope Watusi’s momentum kicks in!


  2. THAT is a GREAT cliffhanger! Well done man.



  3. Uh oh! Looks like you are going to have to rename the comic ‘Emmett The Talking Human.’ Or maybe ‘Watusi The Dog Who Talked When He Was Alive.’ Hope it doesn’t come to that. I’m rootin’ for ya Watusi!


  4. I agree: GREAT cliffhanger. I could almost feel myself leaning forward in my chair!


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