“A simple misunderstanding” -or- Endgame (part 10 of 15)

Looks like the Master’s about had all he can take!

And, yes,  you have seen the Master before … as– in true pulp adventure fashion– a seemingly harmless bit character!


12 Comments to ““A simple misunderstanding” -or- Endgame (part 10 of 15)”

  1. Bravo. Looking back it’s so obvious now. GREAT job, Dale.


  2. Ah ha! I knew that some of the folks Watusi bumped into were involved with the plot! Just couldn’t pinpoint THE ONE!


  3. Ha! I knew it all along! Drew Boynton! I just didn’t realize that Drew spoke Spanish. What? Not Drew? Oh well, nice job w/the big reveal, Dale! Now I’m betting those two ladies are up to no good as well!


  4. Nice!

    He was on my short list of candidates. I figured it had to be somebody that Watusi had interacted with, even if only briefly, and that wasn’t a huge group. Since he had the trap-door that Watusi barely missed (and didn’t even see) he is a very plausible villain.

    Also on my list was the lawyer (although he could have just replaced the will and other documents, so he wouldn’t have had to go to this much effort to accomplish that goal).


    • Glad I was able to lay enough clues to make him a believable suspect! If I had planned the story out more, it would have been fun to throw in a few more suspects and clues … but I’ve loved the way this unstructured story has grown so much richer than it would have if I’d rigidly planned it out from the beginning!


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