"Talking with your mouth full" -or- Endgame (part 12 of 15)

That fuse is getting mighty (gulp) short! Hope it’ll last until the next episode!


10 Comments to “"Talking with your mouth full" -or- Endgame (part 12 of 15)”

  1. Yikes! Talk about a cliffhanger!


  2. Wow, Dale! Quite the heroic dog you have here! I like his “Mutual assured destruction” attitude! Hope he hasn’t shown too much bravado to get away.


    • Yeah, I’m afraid I may have placed them into a situation from which neither character can emerge unscathed. To that end, I’ve tweaked Watusi’s dialog a bit here to clarify his actions and make him seem like less of a cold-blooded killer; the original panel appears here.


  3. This would be an excellent time for you to throw us all a curve & come back next week w/”& then they both blew up.” Then you could bring in four alternate dogs & we’d have to figure out which one, if any, was the real Watusi. I’m sure whatever you have in store for us will be cooler than that. Can’t wait until next week to see if everyone survives!


  4. Noooooo! It can’t end like this. The master must have one last trick up his sleeve! :0


  5. I suspect that “Master” will either vanish beneath a pile of rubble, and his remains never found – maybe just a glove or something sticking out from the bottom of the pile, leaving the possibility that he could have escaped and come back to haunt Watusi again in the fuutre – or he’ll escape the explosion and just as he thinks he’s escaped he’ll run smack dab into Hector and the rest of the Policia.

    Nice shot of Watusi flying through the air and catching the dynamite. I also like the slightly snarky explanation of playing fetch with a good dog.


    • Thanks – this was a fun one to write!

      As for the Master, his fate is still up in the air; while I’ve enjoyed having such an evil foe for Watusi, I can’t let his plans succeed, either …


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