"Talking a blue streak" -or- Outracing the volcano (part 1 of 4)


strip099Let’s hope Watusi can save Emmett’s bacon on his way out of the volcano…

7 Responses to “"Talking a blue streak" -or- Outracing the volcano (part 1 of 4)”

  1. Hey Dale! I had wondered what was happening w/those other guys. Sorry to see it is not going well. It looks like the situation is about to take care of itself though. Or get much much worse. Run Emmett!


  2. Go Watusi! You gotta give credit to 3 relatively unarmed men lasting as long as they did against a mob of pick-wielding cultists!


    • Well, that’s kinda my fault. I’d originally planned for them to mop up the cultists off panel, but as things played out I realized that I could have my title character not only finish off the Master, but rescue his rescuers as well!


  3. As Scott Bakula’s Sam Beckett character on Quantum Leap used to always say – OH BOY! The pace is really flying now.

    Nice job on making Watusi look scruffy without overdoing it – same was true last week as well. I also like how the lettering on Wausi’s dialogue in the last panel was all pushed together without spaces, to demonstrate that he was speaking as quickly as he was moving. The bolding of key words definitely helped make it easier to read while still maintaining the rushed effect gained by the tight spacing. It’s difficult to pull off, and I think it worked very well here.


    • Thanks – I’m glad my speed-talking effect worked out like I wanted. And it’s been fun to get Watusi progressively filthed up through all of this, too. Rest assured he has a bath in his future, though!



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