"Taking care of business" -or- Goodbye, island life (part 1 of 7)

strip103That’s one loose end tied off!

In addition to this week’s episode, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finished an actual print comic book, too! Double Dip is a book that Tom Cherry and I have been planning for a long time, and things finally aligned to get it complete. It’s got a 7-page (a hilarious 7-page) “Those Funky Idiots” story, and a 6-page Watusi comic featuring Professor Harvey and Mitchell. I’m really happy with how it turned out – ask for it at your comic shop of choice, or contact Tom or me to get your hands on your own copy!

[August 2015 UPDATE: a .pdf version of this issue is also available in my online store!]

6 Comments to “"Taking care of business" -or- Goodbye, island life (part 1 of 7)”

  1. Does Watusi’s paw stamp signal it’s time for a new arc to begin? Feels pretty final to me. And incidentally I loved it. Great cliffhangers week to week and a satisfying ending. (If it is indeed an ending…)

    Also, congrats on the book. I’ll look for that next time I’m at Astro Kitty for sure!


    • Well, not THE ending – there are still a couple of loose ends still to tie off before Watusi heads home.

      Thanks for the congrats, too – for only my second full-cover cover I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!


  2. What a generous dog, that Watusi is! It’s good to see him cleaned up and out of trouble…for now. Who knows where he’s off to next?!?!?


  3. So – getting out of the mine was harder than getting rid of the mine. It feels in-character for Watusi to do something like that. The Double Dip comic also looks good. After the epic La Isla Esmerelda, 6 pages is going to feel almost like a 1-pager!


    • Glad it felt like an in-character thing to do. Since I’ve already had a lot of fortune come Watusi’s way in stories I’ve written, this seemed like a good way for him to share the wealth for a change!


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