“Rodrigo’s fate … revealed!” -or- Goodbye, island life (part 4 of 7)


And Rodrigo even got to keep his signature shades, too …


8 thoughts on ““Rodrigo’s fate … revealed!” -or- Goodbye, island life (part 4 of 7)

    1. He’s certainly available for a return down the line! It’ll be a way down the road if it does, of course…


  1. Great work, Dale! I love the little picture on the dartboard! Do they allow prisoners to have darts? And I love how you can just feel the RAGE from Rodrigo’s speech balloon. He is mad!


    1. Maybe the prison system of Isla Esmerelda isn’t the strictest. Between the darts and his sunglasses, he’s not doing so bad, is he?


  2. I couldn’t decide if the panel with Rodrigo was Watusi imagining the scene in Rodrigo’s cell, or it was actually a peek into what was actually happening. Either way, his rage is palpable. And he may need to trade those shades for some personal security if he gets on the wrong side of either the guards or the “chief” prisoner.

    It was kind of nice to not have a tense cliffhanger after some of the tight spots previous strips have ended on. But Watusi isn’t back in Happy Valley yet, so there could still be some adventure coming his way.


  3. I was thinking of Rodrigo’s scene to be the reality he’ll be living for the next few years (or until I need him again, at any rate)!

    I thought some less intense cliffhangers would be a nice segueway back into Watusi’s status quo. I still have some nice strip breaks in store for you, I hope…


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