“Trade secret”

Hmmm … I didn’t expect the Professor to be so secretive about his projects. Guess that’s what I learned about him today …


6 Comments to ““Trade secret””

  1. I’ve always liked Professor Harvey. He seems like a more organized and less clumsy version of Gyro Gearloose from Uncle Scrooge comics. I wonder, is this a military project he’s working on, with Watusi joining the K-9 Corps? Or is it something that spies from other countries will want? Or something that industrial spies are trying to get in order to make bazillions of bucks? Only time will tell.

    I liked the way you used the multiple overlapping images of Prof. Harvey in panel 2 to show how quickly he was looking around in all possible directions to see if they were being watched. That kind of scenes can always be difficult to make look real, and you did it well.


    • Glad you liked it – I’ve tried that technique with Watusi to good effect, but that’s the first time I’ve tried it with Harvey. His hair was a little hard to figure out!

      I haven’t read a lot of Gyro Gearloose, but I’ve got the FCBD issue from a couple of years ago around here. I’ll have to give it a read to keep my characterization a bit different…


  2. Dale, this looks great. I really like the new font. It’s so easy to read. Also, nice to be able to read Watusi when stranded in an airport.



    • I’m surprised no one mentioned my lettering until now– getting away from hand lettering is a big step for me. But the font (designed by Mike Sullivan from my hand lettering) is a lot more readable than my increasingly-sloppy lettering was becoming. I’m still combining a few hand-lettered phrases with the font, but I’ve been really happy with the look!


  3. Love Professor Harvey’s lab! Is this a redesign? It always seemed to me Harvey usually worked out of his garage in previous appearances.


    • Actually, I tried to match the new look– designed to look like a giant version of his inventions– with past appearances, and I came pretty close. The windows and driveway/garage are the same as seen (briefly) in Watusi #27, but the placement of the lab and garage in relation to his house (from Double Dip #1) will change a bit.

      Glad you liked it; it was fun to draw!


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