“Not just any old Reclivator, mind you …”

Hmmm… guess I haven’t established how ethically-challenged the Professor might be, have I? Find out along with Watusi next time … plus, Mitchell finally makes an appearance!


7 Comments to ““Not just any old Reclivator, mind you …””

  1. No Watusi! Don’t go into the Motilizing Reclivator! You might come out as a recyclable! Great job Dale! Especially that last panel!


    • Thanks – I wanted to convey the Professor’s frenzied excitement about his invention … even if it makes him look a little crazy!


  2. Uh Oh! Not sure I like where poor Watusi is headed in this one. Sounds dangerous! Good story hook, Dale!


  3. Ahhhh. The animal testing begins. Muhahahahahahha! Looks like the master has peddled a wee bit of his evil influence to watusi’s home town. 😉


    • Yes, animal testing is in Watusi’s future … though, to Watusi’s great relief, not in the vivisectionist sense!


  4. I like shiny.


    • Thanks! I’ve enjoyed spending a little more time designing the sets for this storyline – it’s not going to cover as many locales as the last one, so I figured I could at least put more into the one that I am using…


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