“Flattery will get you everywhere”

At least that goat is in the best hands it can possibly be in with Mitchell taking care of it! But get ready for animal testing, ROUND TWO– next week! Hope Watusi fares better than the goat …

11 Comments to ““Flattery will get you everywhere””

  1. Watusi may give it a run, but how would it do against the Poodles Of Doom!!!?


  2. That poor goat!!


    • I discovered that goats are harder to draw than I would have thought– and I had to totally wing the “lying on its back” pose! Guess (surprise surprise) that’s not natural for them….


  3. I’m sure Watusi will do well. Let’s just hope neither he nor Professor Harvey run afoul of PETA, or any other anti-animal testing group.


  4. Poor goat! Problem is, I know from experience exactly how he feels! Wonder if he’s any relation to Escape Goat? Go Watusi, do your thing, man! Er, dog.


  5. What dog doesn’t love food.? Still a little dog can only eat so much. Now if it were a match between that machine and Sid Cellulite…. Well all safe bets would be on Sid. 😉


  6. The Professor stuck Mitchell with goat duty? Has he turned to the dark side? And that poor goat! He looks like he belongs in an EC comic book!


    • I kinda figured that Mitchell just took to caring to the goat on his own. Of course, that sure paints the Professor in a bad light, though, doesn’t it?


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