“The challenge”

Which we will, next time …. as I make another one of my always hilarious attempts at rhyming!


5 thoughts on ““The challenge”

  1. Interesting – I see belly aches in the future.
    On a more technical notes, a couple things that jumped out at me today that I haven’t noticed before, and probably aren’t really relevant to anything. 1) the Motilizing Reclivator appears to be on wheels – maybe just for moving around the lab, but also maybe for doing travelling exhibits to demonstrate the potential for the device to help make money by separating the recyclable material from the organic material. Maybe there’s another machine to then turn the organic material into something else (like cans of dog food?), that’s hopefully also useful or profitable (or both), or just entertaining? 2) the lettering font is looking good, but it just struck me that you have both upper-case and lower-case E’s, sometimes both in the same word, and sometimes lower-case first/upper-case second, and sometimetimes upper-case first/lower-case second. Also “of” and “the” are always all lower-case, and “the” kind of reminds me of the cursive “the” in the classing cover logo for The Amazing Spider-Man comics. Do you have to remember the rules for these, or did Mike design certain words that are always the same way, and certain letters that you can alternate from upper- to lower-case depending upon your mood?


    1. Thanks for your comments – I decided to put the Professor’s inventions on wheels so he can move then in and out of testing areas more easily. But your other ideas are good ones – maybe the Professor should get you to be his patent/marketing agent!

      Glad you’re enjoying the new font; after so many years of hand lettering, it’s taking me a while to get used to the typeset balloons! But the actual letters are much more readable, so it’s accomplished what I wanted!

      I’ve been thinking about what to do with my smearysoapboxpress.com url, and this looks like a good topic for me to cover in more detail there. Mike did a great job with the font, adding alternate versions of characters (such as “E” and “e” and a single stroke “the”) to more accurately match the way I hand letter. I think it does a nice job of breaking up what could otherwise be very obviously (and flatly) typeset dialog.


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