“A delicate constitution”

Next: can it be? Watusi R.I.P.!?!

By the way, I want to plug a couple of upcoming shows I’ll be appearing at: Sept. 10th is the Free State Comicon (right here in Lawrence, Kansas), and the very next weekend is the ICBC’s Comic Book I-Con in Altoona, Iowa. I’m looking forward to both shows; stop by and say “hi” if you’re in the neighborhood!

13 Comments to ““A delicate constitution””

  1. No, Mitchell, no! Bad monkey! But, hey, the goat is alive! Good for him! As for Watusi, well, every good dog knows how to play dead!

    Have fun at the upcoming cons, Dale! Wish I could be in the neighborhood to say “Hi”!


  2. I’m not worried about Watusi’s apparent demise. Everyone knows that dogs have nine lives. Oh, wait, that’s cats. Nooooooooo!


  3. I didn’t see THAT coming! WOW!!


  4. I’m disappointed Watusi didn’t eat the goat…


  5. Nah, Watusi’s not dead. But depending upon what kind of, well, FUNNY things might have been ingested, he could have some pretty psychodelic dreams!

    Looking forward to seeing you at the Comic Book I-Con show. It looks to be one of the best in years – but only because you and Mike are coming, of course! Although I SUPPOSE there might be a few people coming to see that O’Neill fella….. 😉


    • But if Watusi’s having a psychedelic dream, why is Professor Harvey having the hallucination?

      I’m looking forward to I-Con; it’ll be here before I know it. They’ve done a good job of bringing in some big names lately, while still leaving plenty of room and readers for the rest of us, too!


  6. See… that would never have happened to Sid. 😉


  7. Nice Wolverine nod, first of all. Watusi may be (may have been?) a little more hip than I gave him credit for.

    Like many others, I too am looking forward to the upcoming cons. I’ll see you there, Dale!


  8. The Wolverine line was inspired by these FCBD bag drawings. Both of the shows should be fun– I’m glad you got connected with Craig’s Free State Comicon!


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