“Watusi, R.I.P. (Really in peril!)”

Well, Watusi’s breathing! But is it the breath of life … or a death rattle?!?

Be sure to stop and say “hi” if you’re at this weekend’s Free State Comicon— who knows what goodies I’ll be bringing to the show…

8 Comments to ““Watusi, R.I.P. (Really in peril!)””

  1. “Working faster than the hand can draw”. I really like that. I find it ironic that Watusi survived the island villainy of Isla Esmerelda to be finally done in by a friend! Professor, what were you thinking?!?


  2. I like the ‘hand can draw’ line too. If Watusi really does die, at least he had an awesome last meal! & Dale, if you are going to do one of those vote to see if the character lives or dies things, then go ahead & mark me down for a ‘lives’ vote. I hate sad endings!


    • I hadn’t thought about running a vote for this – that would be a fun thing to do while I’m still not a week ahead! Of course, I do have the end figured out for this one, but it’s something to keep in the back of my mind for a future storyline….


  3. Brilliant!! Great captioning and dialogue!!


    • Thanks – the font really paid off this time, as I was able to improve some of the scripting at the last minute much easier than I could have done otherwise. I’m warming up to the way it looks, too!


  4. Another great cliffhanger! I still vote that Watusi will live. After all, he’s tougher than the goat, and it looks like the goat has recovered, since he’s standing next to Mitchell in panel 3.


  5. It’s good to know that my readers would prefer to see Watusi stick around!


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