“He makes it look so easy”

Oh no! Don’t undo all your healthy habits, Watusi!

I had a great time at last weekend’s Comic Book I-Con; look for a recap and photos soon – in the mean time, I’ve added some fresh webcomics I discovered there to the sidebar. Maybe you’ll find another favorite, too …

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6 Comments to ““He makes it look so easy””

  1. Things change so fast when you’re in a montage! Now I’m hungry for some gummi bears.


  2. Great strip Dale! Hope Watusi paces himself w/the candy! It’s funny because I was craving a licorice whip even before I read this week’s strip. Now I will have to make it my mission! Glad you had a great time at the con! Can’t wait for the next comic!


  3. Halloween is my favorite holdiay of the year, so I’m looking forward to this story. Good to see that Watusi was able to get back into shape – if only it were so easy in real life! It was great to see you at the Comic Book I-Con show last weekend! Thanks again for the cool Emmet vs The Master sketch. I’ve got some interesting character possibilities for the Avengers-Membership Drive cover, so there will be some interesting characters to keep Thunder Dawg and the Human Spring company on the cover. I was looking through some Avengers covers online, and realized that New Avengers #42 was a Skrull homage to Avengers #221, with the same characters in the same positions, except that they used Jocasta instead of Rom, since they no longer have the licensing rights to Rom.


    • It was good to see you, too, and help kick off your creator-owned Avengers cover (which everyone else can see on Watusi’s facebook page). I’m slower to post my own photos there, but I’ll add them soon, so others can enjoy Ivan’s Emmett v. Master sketch.


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