“Individually wrapped”

A little something for everyone!

By the way, I’ve posted a batch of comic reviews– including my thoughts on DC’s “New 52” relaunch– over at www.smearysoapboxpress.com ; check ’em out if you’re so inclined!

11 Comments to ““Individually wrapped””

  1. So what ‘s the good professor’s address? I might drop by for Halloween. I’ll even bring a banana for Mitchell!


  2. No need to apologize to Schulz unless somebody gets a rock. I’m pretty sure he had Halloween rocks copyrighted.


    • No rocks for these kids– and I’ll be moving past the gag episode part of this storyline soon– but since I pretty directly swiped Kirby & Emma’s costumes I thought an acknowledgement was in order.


  3. We give out comics!


  4. Nice strip! We’ve given out comics for several years, even had some repeat customers who said they came back just because they know we give out comics. Oddly, even though the elementary school is 2 blocks down the street, we only get about 15-25 a year, and we’ve never had as many as 50. My brother who lives a mile away on a side street that’s two twisty turns away from the main road says he’s never had less than 45-50. Anyway, I always enjoy Halloween strips/stories, and this one is shaping up to be fun!


    • Hope this story helps get you in the holiday spirit! Most trick-or-treating in Lawrence happens in our still-vibrant downtown blocks; I go when I can to check out the costumes (including a number of families dressed in theme costumes). I’ve even taken some Watusi comics which I give out to particularly impressive homemade costumes.


  5. (COUGH) NERD. That’s great! & a tip of the hat to the classic Great Pumpkin cartoon is never a bad thing, especially this time of year! Can’t wait until next week! Oh, wait, it is next week, I’m just behind on commenting!


    • That’s the great thing about this format – there’s no cutoff for LOCs like with a print comic! Glad you liked the “nerd” bit – I’m still working out the way Kirby and Emma relate, but I think this was a good start.


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