“Calling it a night”

Trick-or-treating may be over for Watusi, but the talking dog’s adventure is just beginning!

Longtime readers may recognize these last two panels as appearing in Watusi #24’s Halloween story (published back in 2008). Since I felt like I had to compress things in the original story quite a bit to fit in the page count of that issue, I’m taking this opportunity to fill it out a bit … and build in some lead time to the strip at the same time! For the majority of you, however, it should continue to be an all-new story!

5 Comments to ““Calling it a night””

  1. I remember the Halloween comic Dale, but my memory isn’t good enough to remember specifics of the story. I would go dig it out now, but I don’t want to spoil the fun for myself. I like the ‘begging skills’ line. & I remember from childhood that sorting through your haul was almost as exciting as walking around & collecting it. Can’t wait to see what happens next week! Keep up the excellent work Dale! I’m enjoying the adventure!


    • Well then I guess that makes it a new story for you, too! Memories of sorting through my treats must have still existed on some subconscious level as I wrote that, because I hadn’t really thought about it like that until you mentioned it. That was always a fun part of Halloween night!


  2. I’m sure there will be something of interest in Watusi’s bag!


  3. Oooh! Maybe there’s a twist coming, with something truly unexpected showing up in Watusi’s haul? (Maybe a treasure some passerby tossed in so his pursuers wouldn’t find it on him, and who planned to find Watusi later to recover it from him, but Watusi finds it first? Sounds like a movie plot.) If you hadn’t said something, I doubt I’d have remembered the recycled panels, only because my short-term memory doesn’t stretch back that far, and my long-term memory long ago gave up trying to store comics of any kind, although occasionally a particular cover or image will get imprinted there. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.


    • What fun ideas those would be! As I’ve gotten more involved with this story, I wish I could go in a different direction & make it a more involved story … but that wouldn’t really be buying me time. I’ll just have to channel that energy into the next storyline…


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