“Well, that was easy…”

Hmmm… guess Watusi may be calling it a night sooner than I thought!


8 thoughts on ““Well, that was easy…”

  1. Some good drawings! Like panel one a lot! I rarely draw buildings and I admire anyone who does so as well as you, Dale! As for panel three, uh, is Watusi mooning the reader? Should we call him “Mooner” from now on?


    1. Glad you like the backgrounds in this one! There will be more glimpses of Wonder Valley coming up in the next few strips, too; I’ve been working on developing Wonder Valley as a setting, and this gives me a chance to show some of it off!

      I guess I did overdo it with the exposed buttocks in panel 3– I think that’s the most I’ve ever shown in 10 years of drawing this character!


    1. I think I’ve done a good job over these last two storylines of establishing Watusi’s fondness for garbage. May too good…


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