“My favorite weekend” -or- There’s magic in the air (part 1 of 13)


In addition to drawing more parts of Wonder Valley for the last storyline, I’ve also been sketching Watusi’s hometown quite a bit in order to get a better feel for it as a setting. All of that has whet my appetite for a longer, more involved storyline set there. I’ve written the first couple of months already, and am really looking forward to where it’s leading…

And as I’m looking forward to that, I’m also thinking about my creative resolutions and goals for the new year. There are a couple of (long overdue) projects I’d like to finish, but I thought I’d also ask my loyal readers: is there something you’d like to see me do, whether it’s in this strip, in print, or using one of my other characters? Not making any promises, but it might be interesting to see what’s suggested … you can post below or contact me via email!

8 Comments to ““My favorite weekend” -or- There’s magic in the air (part 1 of 13)”

  1. Everyone who’s anyone will be there! I like how you broke the fourth wall here. We’re coming along for the fun!


    • It seemed like the easiest way to get things started, since Watusi didn’t have a sounding board. But then again I guess he did– it was us!

      Sorry I’ve got a carnival storyline at the same time you’re running one in “Crawford”; hope I won’t step on too many toes!


  2. Kind of looks like a July 4th party or a carnival/state fair. If there’s a game booth with prizes like stuffed animals hanging all over, it would be cool to see a Human Spring stuffed animal/toy as a prize. And if there’s a magazine rack or newsstand, you could use your various comic and zine titles, or some of your favorite comics (like Sergio Aragones Funnies or Futurama), as magazine titles.

    As far as things I’d like to see – I’d love to see a collected print edition (one volume or multiple) of La Isla Esmerelda. Watusi’s Funhouse would be cool as well, or even another collection of Watusi jam strips..


    • Doghouse Funhouse is one of the things I’ve GOT to get finished; a print ed. of “Isla Esmerelda” makes sense, too, given how many people asked about it at I-Con…


  3. Funnel Cakes?! Count me in! As for requests, more Human Spring comics please! And a new LARRY’S KITCHEN! And a new DOUBLE DIP! And more Mitchell!


    • Well Double Dip is one of the “long overdue” projects I mentioned– I’ll work on getting it done before you go to SPACE! And that will feature Mitchell, too…


  4. More Watusi jam comics! Did the backward one ever work out?


  5. Jam comics are definitely a possibility; I’ve still got some in my “to do” pile. Not sure that I’ll go back to the jam-centric comics from before, though– I’m enjoying writing more … coherent stories that I can take in the direction I want.

    Maybe I just need to think about a new jam structure, tho…


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