“Be careful what you ask for!” -or- There’s magic in the air (part 6 of 13)

What the BUZZ?!?

A big thanks to Steve Keeter for the enthusiastic review of my comic strip (“getting better all the time”); he reviews new and classic comics over on YouTube– check out his ClassicComicMan’s channel for more! And if you want even more Watusi,  check out my effort for Tom Cherry’s “Draw Jackie Jokers Day” event right here for a Watusi cameo…


12 thoughts on ““Be careful what you ask for!” -or- There’s magic in the air (part 6 of 13)

  1. You never fail to throw in an unexpected left turn, just when I think I might know what’s coming next. Another excellent strip!


    1. Hadn’t thought about Flytusi having a career as storied as Thor Frog… guess I shouldn’t let the character design go to waste, though…


    1. I was too lazy to change the logo to “Watusi the talking fly” for the duration… but I like “Flytusi” even more!!


  2. Wasn’t Kazang one of those Tarzan rip-offs in those jungle comic books in the 40’s? Love the fly design with the ears turning into wings! Can’t wait to see where this storyline is going!


  3. If he wasn’t, it sure sounds like he could have been! The ears/wings were my favorite part of the design,too!


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