“Part of the act once again!” -or- There’s magic in the air (part 9 of 13)

Guess you aren’t done assisting until Mick Magick says you are!!

Over on www.smearysoapboxpress.com I’ve posted an interview with the one-and-only Brien Wayne Powell, the first cartoonist interview in my “20 questions” series. Check it out!


8 thoughts on ““Part of the act once again!” -or- There’s magic in the air (part 9 of 13)

  1. Wow! There doesn’t appear to be any lead in Watusi’s zeppelin right now! Can’t wait to see what happens next! Thanks for the great interview by the way! I’m looking forward to seeing who your next interview subject is! Keep up the great comics! They always brighten my Wednesday!


  2. The audience in the strip seems to like seeing Mick playing tricks on Watusi, and all performers respond to a positive reaction, so I’m guessing it may be a little while before Watusi can get away from him. Of course, I keep remembering your comment a few strips back about how maybe this was a distraction to keep Watusi occupied so he wouldn’t notice whatever else might be going on elsewhere. In any case, trying to figure out what Mick Magick will do to Watusi next continunes to be fun. 🙂


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