“Backstage after the show” -or- There’s magic in the air (an epilog of sorts)

From the magical to the mundane, it’s all part of the prestidigitation game. Back with a talking dog next time! Here’s another new webcomic for your enjoyment, from a group of local creators: www.verymintcomics.com features a new comic six days a week. Wednesdays features the eerie superhero adventures of “The Obelisk”, by Joel Pfannenstiel!

5 Comments to ““Backstage after the show” -or- There’s magic in the air (an epilog of sorts)”

  1. Nice to get to see the supporting characters in a more mundane moment – it gives some insight into the character, and is something you’ve done well for a while, especially with several of the characters during the La Isla Esmerelda story, and now here. I wonder if Watusi’s parting gift from the last strip might turn out to be an actual magical item that plays a role later in the story, or if it’s just a plain, ordinary toy.


  2. Very nice, Dale! Good work, as always!


    • That’s good to hear, especially since it felt like I was trying to cram a lot of information into this scene: Mick’s Irish roots (he keeps his accent under control during performances, apparently), the nature of his relationship with Wanda (going for kind of a Nick and Nora vibe there), and drop a clue for a later plot element, too. Whew!


  3. nice ending …..very funny!!!!!!!! 😀


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