“Checkin’ out the joints” -or- Dreamin’ & schemin’ (part 2 of 15)

Hmmm… wonder what Teebo’s got up his sleeve? Something besides his arm, I bet!


9 Comments to ““Checkin’ out the joints” -or- Dreamin’ & schemin’ (part 2 of 15)”

  1. I knew it! TEEBO! And his dastardly poodles as well! I don’t know what trouble he has planned for Watusi, but I’m sure that Madame Charlatina could have have given our hero a clue (She has helped him before, of course)! Looking forward to the rest of the story!


    • If only he’d given her a chance, this story might turn out differently! But who knows, maybe Teebo has reformed since we last saw him, unlikely though that is…


  2. Quite a lot of potential for adventures at the carnival! Maybe even some redemption at the duckpond? All of this and Watusi’s still talking with his mouth full!


  3. Another great comic, Dale! Especially panel 2! Love the ‘talking dog prohibited’ sign! You’ll never see one of those at my house though!


  4. Yay Teebo!!! Liking the background people in these panels.


    • Thanks! I was happier with the background players this time around, too. Look for more of Teebo’s antics next time


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